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These drawings are mostly single sided, drawn in markers, sometimes with crayon and/or pencil. They are in excellent condition, the paper is bright and white, even when it doesn't look that way in the photos.
The first group each measure 11" by 17"

Drawing by Lewis Smith
Drawing by Lewis Smith ... With a 12" ruler for scale
Much larger image   LS223: $850.00.
Fancy carriage
Image   LS115: $750.00.
Fancy carriage, sketches of crowd
Image   LS117: $750.00.

The drawings below all measure about 12" by 18", on paper from a sketch pad.

Two sided: "Only One shoe is right", "Pacific Seaboard, Atlantic Seaboard"
One side ... The other side   LSC210: $900.00.

Two sided: "What will you have after you kill your time?"
Image ... Reverse.   LSC118: $925.00.


"One Way Road", two sided, reverse is not pictured.
Image   LSC211: $900.00.
"It's Great to Not be Great"
Image   LSC212: $750.00.


"When the Rupees-Francs-Marks Start to Rattle"
Image   LSC213: $875.00.

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