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Religious stereo nightlight construction
Religious stereo nightlight construction
Chrome desk lamp
Chrome desk lamp
Shell lamp with flamingo
Carved Sailor's lamp
Carved Sailor's lamp
w/heart, cross, anchor
Popsicle stick lamp
Popsicle stick lamp
with tiles
Popsicle stick lamp
Popsicle stick lamp

Religious stereo nightlight costructionThis is a really unusual construction that includes a light, car stereo, and compartments for placing items. All of this is set with a religious theme, having a large lighted cross dominating the look. The stereo includes AM/FM radio, cassette player, and speakers. The story behind this piece is that a preacher's son got caught stealing radios. As punishment, the preacher made his son turn his sin into repentance. The son made this religious item out of the stolen car radio. This piece is made from a mix of woods, with plexiglass and some kind of braid around the cross. It is in excellent working condition - even the cassette player. The radio would benefit with an antenna added to the socket on top, but gets some reception even without one. The knobs on the back are decorative only, the piece does not open. There are two small cracks in the plexiglass as seen in the closeups: one above the radio, the other by the light switch. It was likely made around the 1970's, and is 23" high by 13" wide by 11 1/2" deep to the front of the knobs. The price is $750.00. Inventory Code: TRRW.   See a slideshow of several views [734k] ... Religious stereo nightlight construction ... Another angle ... A third view ... Side view ... The other side ... Back view ... From above ... Above, from rear ... Closeup of front ... Closeup of side ... Closeup of the back ... From below ... Lit up ... With a soda can for scale.
Some much larger photos:   Religious stereo nightlight construction ... Another angle ... A third view ... Side view ... The other side ... Back view ... Above, from rear ... Closeup of front.

Popsicle stick lampThis is a nice old popsicle stick lamp. It is well made with good form and decoration, including 8-pointed stars on the shade. The metal finial contains a blue and white swirled marble. The lamp is in very good condition although has a loss of part of one stick. It was probably made about the 1970's and is about 18" high including the finial. The shade is 10" across. The price is $95.00. Inventory Code: TWHT.   Popsicle stick lamp ... Two more sides ... Another view ... From above ... Closeup of the shade ... Another closeup of the shade ... Closeup of the base ... The base, from above ... From below ... With a soda can for scale ... Larger overall photo.

Flamingo souvenir lampFrom Florida comes this tacky souvenir lamp. It has all the qualities one would want in such a piece: A plastic flamingo and palm tree, colored coral, small decorative shells, and the large shell backdrop. This is from the 1950's or 60's, and is in excellent working condition. It is 9" wide, 9"high, and 6" deep. The price is $75.00. Inventory Code: ATKS.   Flamingo souvenir lamp ... Side view ... Back.

Chrome desk lampThis is a decorative chrome can light with a white glass globe. There is a switch in the cord, and the globe lifts off to change the bulb. It is about 12 1/2" high, with a can about 4 1/2" in diameter and a 7" globe. These original lamps were made in the late 1960's and early 70's. It is in very good, working condition, with some small discolored spots on the chrome. The price is $65.00. Inventory Code: ATWT.   Chrome desk lamp.

Popsicle stick lampThis is a popsicle stick lamp decorated with small, glossy black tiles. It stands 13" high, the base is 4 1/2" high by 8 1/2" by 8 1/2". It comes with a green plaid shade (as we found it), and is in fine working order and condition, with three missing tiles. It was found in northern Alabama, and is probably made in the 1970's or 80's. The price is $50.00. Inventory Code: PRCC.   Popsicle stick lamp ... Without the shade ... From above.

This is a lamp with hand relief carved symbols associated with sailors as decoration. It is finished in a crazed dark lacquer. The symbols include a heart, anchor, star, and cross. It is in excellent condition, without a shade; was made in the early 1900's; and is 8" x 8 ½" by 9" high. The price is $275.00. Inventory Code: APCS.   Base ... Side ... Image 2 ... Image 3.


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