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Abstract quilt
Great 1930's/40's abstract
wool quilt from OH
Amish child's quilt
Amish child's quilt
Hooked rug
Hooked rug with names
Bold crazy quilt
Strong, Folky Quilt
Strong, Folky Quilt
Pinwheel quilt
Pinwheel quilt
Velvet African-American quilt
Velvet African-American quilt
Trip Around the World quilt
Vibrant Trip Around the
World variation quilt
Odd Fellows tunic
Odd Fellows tunic
Bread bag pillow
Crocheted bread bag pillow
Bread bag rug
Crocheted bread bag rug
Red, white, and blue strip quilt
Red, white, and blue
strip quilt

Abstract quiltThis is a great abstract quilt with very strong color and graphics. It is machine and hand pieced from wool suiting and lightweight wool fabric. One patch even has part of the suit pocket! It has a flannel back, and is hand tied with blue wool yarn. There is a light weight blanket inside instead of batting. This quilt was found in Ohio, and is in excellent, unused, near mint condition. There is one small spot and one small tear on the back, each less than 1/2". Neither shows through to the front. It measures about 69 1/2" by 69". The age is unknown: it appears to be 1930's or 40's, but could be considerably older. The price is $1150.00. Inventory Code: TRAC.   See a slideshow of several views [688k] ... Abstract quilt ... Closeup of the center ... Closeup, upper right ... Closeup, upper left ... Closeup, lower left ... Closeup, lower right ... Extreme closeup of detail ... Closeup of the pocket ... Back view ... Closeup of the back ... Another closeup of the back.

Trip Around the World quiltThis is a bright geometric quilt, in a variation on the Trip Around the World pattern. It is machine and hand pieced, and hand quilted. The fabrics are cotton, with a white flannel back and white binding. From the 1940's, it measures 87 3/4" by 74". It is in good, washed condition, with a cluster of three very small dark spots on one edge, each less than 1/4". There is some age darkening on the back along the fold lines, this does not show through to the front. If you look very closely, you can see that some of the blue pieces are hand stitched rather than machine pieced. These might have been replaced some time ago. This is a vivid quilt that looks good on a bed or a wall. The price is $350.00. Inventory Code: TRAH.   See a slideshow of several views [739k] ... Trip Around the World quilt ... Closeup of the center ... Another closeup of the center ... One corner ... Second corner, showing the small spots ... Third corner ... Fourth corner ... Closeup of the edge ... Some of the blue patches ... Closer view of the stitching on the blue patches ... Back view ... Closeup of the back ... Another closeup, back ... Corner of the back ... Another corner, back.

Strong, Folky QuiltThis is a very folky quilt with an absolutely wonderful, bold look. It is in excellent condition. The pattern is a strip pieced four-pointed star with a multicolored border. The work is machine pieced from medium weight cotton fabrics and hand quilted in a fan design. It has cotton batting and a thin, dark blue cotton back, with heavier blue binding. It was probably made in the 1930's or 40's, possibly earlier. It measures 66 1/2" by 77 1/2". There are a few small, very faint dark spots, also some old, small repairs that may have been done to the fabrics before they were made up into the quilt. You can see the most obvious of these in the closeup. There are three patches on the back. More recently, a strip of Velcro was sewn to the back to make it easy to hang on a wall and enjoy the great color and graphics. The price is $3000.00. Inventory Code: TRWT.   See a slideshow of several views [904k] ... Strong, folky quilt ... Closeup, one corner ... Second corner ... Third corner ... Fourth corner ... Closeup, spot and repair ... Back view ... Closeup of back ... Velcro and one patch on the back ... Another patch on the back.
Some much larger photos:   Strong, folky quilt ... Closeup, one corner ... Second corner ... Third corner ... Fourth corner ... Closeup, spot and repair ... Back view ... Closeup of back ... Velcro and one patch on the back ... Another patch on the back.

Hooked rugThis is a folky hooked rug with an abstract center, surrounded by a wide border with four names: Winifred, Thaddeus, Eunice, and Marshall. The girls' names are on the long sides, and the boys' names on the short sides. Both "a"s in Marshall are backwards. The rug was made from wool rags on a burlap back. The main colors are blues and grays, with accents of red, yellow, cream, and brown. It measures 32" by 25", in very good condition, with tiny patches of wear in the corners. The age appears to be 1920's or 30's, but it could be older. The rug has been sewn to fabric and attached to a frame, ready to hang. It looks like it would also be easy to remove from the frame if you wanted to. The price is $475.00. Inventory Code: TOAR.   See a slideshow of several views [573k] ... Hooked rug ... Two more views ... With a yardstick for scale ... Side view ... Detail ... Closeup, one corner ... Closeup, second corner ... Closeup, third corner ... Back.

QuiltThis is a bold, striking quilt of randomly pieced blocks, embellished with a little bit of embroidery. The fabrics are both cottons and wool, including corduroy, houndstooth, and plaid. It is mostly hand pieced with multicolored thread, with a machine pieced border, and hand quilted. The back is a brown cotton, folded over the edge for a binding. There is no batting, just another layer of fabric, so it is not a particularly heavy quilt, in spite of the thicker fabrics. The condition is fair. There is a tear in the border, another on the back, a few small moth holes, and some dark stains, but very little wear. We have tried to take good close-ups of these areas. Overall, though, it is strong and good looking, either for display or use. 79" by 82", early to mid 1900's. The price is $375.00. Inventory Code: THAW.   Overall quilt ... Upper Left ... Upper Right ... Center ... Lower Left ... Lower Right ... General Close-up ... Close-up for condition ... Back ... Close-up of back.

Red, white, and blue strip quiltThis is a very visual red, white, and blue strip quilt. It looks so much more striking in person than in the photos. This quilt was made in the 1940's or 50's from red, white, and blue nylon or polyester, with an unbleached cotton back and red cotton binding. It is hand pieced and hand quilted, in excellent, near mint condition: very clean and crisp. The binding is very slightly faded. One corner of the binding has faint remnants of what looks like a paper sticker that could probably be removed. It measures 72" by 83", and came from an estate in Geneseo, IL. The price is $375.00. Inventory Code: THPS.   Red, white, and blue strip quilt ... Closeup ... Another closeup ... Closeup of a corner ... Another corner ... Back ... Closeup of back.

Velvet African-American quiltThis is an African-American quilt with great graphics. It is made from plain and patterned velvets and fake fur, hand pieced and appliqued onto a muslin backing to give a quilted effect without an extra layer of quilting stitches. There is no batting. The back was made in four large blocks, and unfinished edges show where these come together. This quilt measures 72" by 77" and is in excellent, unused condition. There is one discolored spot on the back that does not show through on the front. This was purchased from an African-American church sale in Savannah, GA in the 1970's. A wonderful look for hanging or on a bed. The price is $1200.00. Inventory Code: TPAK.   See a slideshow of several views [359k] ... Velvet African-American quilt ... Closeup ... Closeup 2 ... Closeup 3 ... Closeup 4 ... Closeup 5 ... Closeup 6 ... Closeup 7 ... Back ... Closeup of back ... Second closeup of back ... Third closeup of back ... Closeup of spot on back ... Closeup of back corner.

Pinwheel quiltThis is an African-American quilt in a vivid, folky pinwheel pattern. The cotton fabrics have hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades woven in. The colors are a medium blue with white, and a warm terracotta orange and white. Sometimes the back of the fabric was used for variation. The back is cotton muslin, and the batting is polyester. It measures 65" by 78", and looks great hung or on a bed. This quilt was made in Texas, probably c. 1980's, and is in excellent, crisp, unused condition. There is one small dark spot on the front, 1" by 1/2" which does not go through to the back. It was probably on the fabric before the quilt was put together. It is hand pieced and hand quilted. The back was folded over and machine stitched to finish the edges. The price is $475.00. Inventory Code: TPAW.   Pinwheel quilt ... Closeup of one block ... Closeup of two blocks ... Extreme closeup of fabric patterns ... Closeup of one corner ... Closeup of the spot ... Back ... Closeup of back ... Second closeup of back.

Amish child's quiltThis is a wonderful, graphic, Amish child's quilt. It is 45" by 64". The small size makes it perfect for display on a wall, although it certainly can be used on a bed or as an accent piece. It was bought from the family in Medina Co., Homersville, OH. This visually interesting cotton quilt is in excellent washed condition and was made around 1950. It is machine pieced and hand quilted. The price is $475.00. Inventory Code: AKHH.   Amish child's quilt ... Closeup ... Second closeup ... Third closeup ... Back ... Closeup of back.

Odd Fellows tunicThis is striking tunic originally used by the Odd Fellows either for initiations or plays. It is made from cotton. There is a colorful embroidered sun on the front. The ends of the rays are costume jewels. It is further decorated with metal studs. The label inside indicates that this costume was for "David as Commander". This is in very good wearable condition with very slight soiling, minor wear to the collar, and some tarnish to some of the metal decorations. (We're being very picky about this - you have to look closely to see it.) The tunic was made by M.C Lilley & Co., in the late 1800's or early 1900's, prior to 1925, when the company's name was changed. It measures 40" long from the back of the collar to the hem and 22 1/2" across just under the arms. The sleeves are 24" long from the shoulder seam. The loose cut lets it be worn by a variety of sizes. The price is $225.00. Inventory Code: THTK.   See a slideshow of several views [286k] ... Odd Fellows tunic ... Another view ... Sides and back ... Closeup of sunburst ... Closeup of hem decoration ... Closeup of sleeve ... Label inside ... With another model.

A small round pillow covered with a crocheted cover made from bread bags. It is 12" in diameter and in perfect condition. This interesting, colorful, and unique item does have some age to it. The price is $45.00. Inventory Code: AWOH.   Side view ... Top view.

A nice, oval rug crocheted from bread bag wrappers. The rug is about 31" by 20". It is more recent than the pillow cover and is also in excellent condition. The price is $65.00. Inventory Code: AWOW.   Image ... Another view.


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