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REG 54. Alien animals, woman with raygun; ink on artists' board. 14" by 11", good condition, with some discoloration, 1956; $325.00. Image.
REG 55. Alien landscape with moons, strange flying shape; ink on artists' board. 15" by 10", excellent condition, 1978; $300.00. Image.
REG 56. Mountains, spaceship, man in foreground; ink on artists' board. 10" by 15", very good condition, signed Ernie Gil, 1978; $125.00. Image.
REG 57. Very strange tower?; ink on artists' board. 10" by 15", very good condition, signed Ernie Gil, 1978; $150.00. Image.
REG 58. Alien landscape, smiling faces hidden throughout; colored pencil on artists' board. 15" by 9 3/4", excellent condition, signed REG, 1980; $125.00. Image.
REG 59. Tiny figure, alien landscape; colored markers and crayon on artists' board. 15" by 10", excellent condition, 1980; $125.00. Image.
REG 61. Strange vegetation, mountain, purple marker on artists' board. 15" by 10", excellent condition, 1980; $125.00. Image.
REG 76. Planetscape: Alien in rock terrain with large red object. 9 13/16" by 12 7/8". Crayon, colored pencil and pastels on heavy textured paper. Dated March 27, 1984. The background is uniform and does NOT darken at the edges. That is a result of the camera flash. $195.00. Inventory Code REG76. Image.
REG 63. Brightly colored spaceships, crayon on posterboard. 14 1/4" by 10 1/4", excellent condition, signed Earnest 1983. $225.00. Image.
REG 18. Very detailed: spaceship, tiny aliens, against a rocky landscape, 11" by 13 3/4", 1977, pen and ink on index stock, $195.00. Image.
REG 65. A UFO flying above a brightly colored landscape. It is signed REG 1975 and is drawn on textured paper. Gilbert trimmed the edges, slightly unevenly, after the drawing was complete. It is in excellent condition, 9 1/4" high by 13 3/4" wide. $195.00. Image.
Robert E. Gilbert
REG 66. A spaceship and astronaut on an alien planet. It is drawn in crayon on colored, textured paper, dated December 26, 1982, signed Ernie Gil. It is 9 7/8" high by 12 3/4" wide, in excellent condition. The price is $195.00. Image.
REG 67
REG 67. A mannequin holding a cape. Oil on artists' board, it is 9" wide by 12" high, signed REG 1969, and marked "24" on the back. There are 3 or 4 very tiny chips in the paint. $150.00. Image.
REG 68
REG 68. Red spaceship against a yellow alien landscape. It is drawn in pencil and crayon on textured paper and signed Robert E. Gilbert, July 22, 1975. 11" high by 14 1/2" wide. $200.00. Image.

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From the 1950's through the '70's Robert E. Gilbert (or REG, as he often signed himself) was a prolific contributor of art to science fiction fan magazines. He also published several stories, at least one in Galaxy. The work for the fanzines was pen and ink, to show up with the inexpensive reproduction techniques, but he also did a large number of paintings in oil, pastels, and watercolors. In addition, from the 1940's through the 80's he did a lot of non-science fiction art, experimenting with traditional and non-traditional styles. He died in 1993.

For more complete biographical info visit   REG's Home Page


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