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Here are some of a series of about 25 Alleys done on panels cut from brown paper grocery bags. This series has a different theme for each alley. They are double sided, usually with writings (many with images) on the reverse. They are about 12" by 17".

"Sallys Alley", Dots in Rows
One side ... Reverse
LS164: $1000.00.
"Dead End Alley"
Notes, $ £, Beer, Caps
One side ... Reverse.
LS165. $1000.00.


"Dutch Alley", "Filth Grows In Life"
One side ... Reverse
LS166: $1000.00.
"Ramosa Alley", "Hurrah-For-High-Prices"
One side ... Reverse.
LS167. $1000.00.


Crum AlleyLS119
Crum Alley: "See the business end of the Bowery for 50¢", "Oh Rabbit Cake".
One side ... Reverse.
LS119. $1000.00.
Chow AlleyChow Alley
"Chow Alley" People leaning out the windows of Chow Alley are saying: "Ipana toothpaste",
"Alliance 90 Grocer Stores 1929", "EMF Car", "Every Morning Fix". There are other people visible
through almost every window. The reverse is a mixture of graphics and writings, including aphorisms,
song lyrics, advertising slogans, and the verse from a tombstone.
Alley side ...Reverse.
LS44: $850.00.


"Home Alley" One side ... Reverse.
LSC227. $750.00


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