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Here are some of the diners Lewis Smith drew on Cracker Boxes. Crackers were a big part of his diet, and he then recycled the boxes into art. They are all about 10" by 17" (with slight variation). There is writing on the reverse side on some. If you browse through them, you might want to pay attention to some of the details and writings on these drawings. Some are signed and/or dated, many have puns, humor, and social observation.

Gypsy Gossip and Gospel
Gypsy Gossip and Gospel:
"Our Girls May Not Be Best But They Carry A Heavy Sock"
Image ... Closeup ... Back ... Closeup.
LSC147: $1100.00.
Hassle Inn Castle
Hassle Inn Castle:
Image ... Closeup ... Back ... Closeup.
LSC150: $900.00.
Vimco Power House
Vimco Power House:
Image ... Closeup ... Back ... Closeup.
LSC168: $1100.00.
Wall 2 Wall Lunch
Wall 2 Wall Lunch:
Image ... Closeup ... Back ... Closeup.
LSC163: $900.00.
Roy Beans Old Shack
Roy Beans Old Shack:
Image ... Closeup ... Back ... Closeup.
LSC158: $1050.00.
Pops Hideout
Pops Hideout:
Image ... Closeup ... Back ... Closeup.
LSC169: $1100.00.
Bushwacker Grill
Bushwacker Grill:
Image ... Closeup ... Back ... Closeup.
LSC165: $1000.00.

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