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These drawings reflect Lewis Smith's preoccupation with muscular women (especially boxers and wrestlers). They are drawn on panels cut from brown paper grocery bags, reflecting his deliberate preference for recycled and found materials. Most are double sided, some single sided, and usually drawn in crayon, some with markers and/or ballpoint ink also. They are about 12" by 17" in size.

One side ... Reverse
LSCS101: $1000.00.

"Sponsor Try Outs"
One side ... Reverse
LSCS102: $1100.00.


Radio stations
One side ... Reverse
LSCS103: $1000.00.

One side ... Reverse
LSCS104: $1100.00.


"Receptions Office"
One side ... Reverse
LSCS105: $800.00.

"Retiree on Pension", "Former Free Loader"
One side ... Reverse
LSCS106: $950.00.


One sided, slightly crinkled, but much less than the photos appear.
LSCS108: $750.00.


"5 Sessions Daily Pays Off"
One side ... Reverse
LSCS107: $1100.00.

One side ... Reverse
LSCS109: $1100.00.

"MONDAY Tiger For Tennis"     "FRIDAY Tiger 4 Golf"
One side ... Reverse
LSCS110: $1100.00.


One side ... Reverse
LSCS111: $950.00.

"Railroad Handcar"     "Holding The Line"
One side ... Reverse
LSCS112: $1050.00.


One side ... Reverse
LSCS113: $1000.00.

"Physical Fitness", "Let Fight Be Your Tonic"     "Sponsors Wanted"
One side ... Reverse
LSCS114: $1000.00.


"Show House"
One side ... Reverse
LSCS115: $1100.00.

"Baltimore Champion"
One side ... Reverse
LSCS116: $900.00.


One side ... Reverse
LSCS117: $1100.00.

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